The mission of Emirates International Institute is to uphold the vision of His Highness Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Founder of UAE which was to provide quality education in Pakistan, which he considered as his second home.

EII is keen to assist its Pakistani brethren in choosing professional programs which will direct them towards employable career paths as well as assist them in becoming positive-thinking citizens who use knowledge and experience to develop their country and to be active citizens in making a better future world.

Our Program’s aim is to help our students grow as responsible, knowledgeable, thinking adults who keep their culture and traditions and, at the same time, respect all other nations, races and religions. Our Core Values are based on the fact that without professionalism no nation will prosper and have a healthy future.

Pakistan is moving towards new heights and levels and EII is keen to be a part of this historic change. We are Proud to offer such professional courses that will not only direct our students in the direction of professionalism but will also give them an opportunity of learning how they can excel in their chosen field of employment according to International standards. Our Objective is not only to promote diversity in cultures but also provide cross culture experiences to promote a spirit of brotherhood. EII gives its students an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Emirati cultural heritage and to encourage an appreciation of other cultures.